Our List of Bare-Root Small Fruits for 2013

Blackberry Loch Ness A thornless blackberry with large and very productive fruit. These berries offer a rich, gourmet sweet flavor. Very quick to establish and easy to grow. Full sun. Zone 5-8. Black Satin This thornless, heat tolerant blackberry is a prolific producer of smooth, deliciously sweet, deep blue-black fruits. Small, soft pink flowers appear [...]

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3 Easy Steps to Growing Asparagus!

There’s nothing quite like fresh asparagus…. To me, it seems to be one of the most rewarding crops you can grow; especially being that it can produce the crisp spears for up to 20 years! Growing asparagus takes some patience though….You never want to eat your asparagus the first or second year, instead you want [...]

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Hellebore’s: A Must Have In Any Shade Garden!

Hellebores, also known as the Lenton Roses, are very engaging perennials that no garden should be without! They are easy-to-grow, deer resistant, and early flowering. What could be better, right? These shade loving perennials, show off their lovely blooms in late winter and early spring. The shades range from a beautiful deep purplish pink all [...]

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