5 Reasons Why You Should Plant In The Fall!

Don't retire your shovel just yet! Fall is prime time to give your garden a makeover. Here's 5 reasons why: 1. Most of us nurseries are well stocked with hardy late-blooming perennials to refresh your beds with. Some that come to mind are: Sedums (upright and low-growing), Echinacea/Coneflower, Coreopsis, Black-Eyed Susan/Rudbeckia, Gaillardia/Blanket Flower, and Hebe. [...]

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September In The Garden

Here’s a few tips and tricks for what to do this month in your garden! 1. IN FULL BLOOM....Sedum! Try varieties such as 'Autumn Fire', 'Class Act', 'Dazzleberry' and 'Purple Emperor' 2. APPLY MULCH! To insulate plant roots and conserve moisture, spread an organic such as MN Black Forest up to 3 inches thick on [...]

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