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About Sun River Gardens

Hello Garden Friends!

We hope that you have or will get the chance to visit our lovely garden center! Here at Sun River Gardens, we make it our mission to delight and inspire our customers.  We enjoy helping to personalize, decorate, and style your outdoor space, as well as find ways to creatively bring the outdoors inside!

Sun River Gardens is a full service garden center + gift shop located in Orem, UT. We provide fresh nursery stock, trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, seeds, veggies, herbs, along with inspiring goods for the home.

Sun River Gardens was founded over 20 years ago in April 1996. We are a family owned and operated neighborhood garden center.

Happy Planting and We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

Come Visit Us!

The Sun River Gardens Team

Scott and Tanya Engh
Scott and Tanya EnghOwners of Sun River Gardens
Scott and team created Sun River Gardens 21 years ago this year. It began with just a small greenhouse built from scratch, a modest desk, and 1 cash register. But today, with Scott’s passion, drive, and hard work, he has turned Sun River into the building and gardens that you currently see before you.
Scott, Tanya, and the Sun River Gardens team are always striving to make our services and our customers experience better! We hope you enjoy coming to our gardens! Thank you for all your continued support throughout the years!
GeorgePlanting Foreman and Expert Plantsman
George has known and worked with Scott and his family for over 20 years. George loves working with plants and has been a Utah Certified Nursery Plantsman for over 5 years! Sun River Gardens would not be what it is today without all the time and effort that George has put in over the many years. His smile, big laugh, and kindheartedness are contagious, which is why he is a customer favorite!
WallyOperations Team Manager
A love of nature and gardening runs deep in Wally’s roots. His grandparents and parents were avid gardeners and naturalists, and Wally has followed in their footsteps. He has been a student of the life sciences for most of his life, and enjoys discovering what makes growing things grow! His professional training includes a degree in neuroscience, with a strong emphasis in genetics and chemistry. Besides gardening and outdoor recreation, he enjoys cooking, music, travel, reading and building things!
TraciCreative Director
Thanks to her great grandfather Franks garden and greenhouse,she’s always had a love for gardening. She says, “he planted the seed in her for working in the dirt!” Traci was the proud winner of the annual flower contest the two years she entered in Elementary school with the most beautiful chrysanthemum’s from his garden. Traci has had a lifetime of experience in design,both in landscape and interior. She loves to make things beautiful! We’d have to agree!
ChiloHead Craftsman
We like to refer to Chilo as “Mr. Sun River”. He’s been with Scott and the rest of the team for 18 years now. He is one of the hardest working crewmen we know and also the most quite. 🙂 Chilo is the creative visionary behind many of the looks and ever changing displays of Sun River. We wouldn’t be Sun River Gardens without the help of this man.
Gregoria and Augustina
Gregoria and AugustinaHead Greenhouse Craftswomen
These two ladies are the backbone to Sun River Gardens. They are what makes the store so beautiful for all to see! They are daily changing out and creating unique displays, keeping plants maintained, coming up with fun ideas for colorbowls, and more! Gregoria has been with Sun River for 9 years and Augustina has been with us for 5 years. They make a great team and we feel so lucky to have them!
AndreaLead Inventory + Receiving
I am a lover of plants; of all things having to do with nature really. Although I received my Bachelor’s degree in Human Development, I am passionate about learning all I can about plants and gardening. My love also extends to many things including painting, reading, cake decorating, hiking, music, and my newest love for my new dog Junior. I have already enjoyed and learned so much in my short time at Sun River Gardens, and look forward for much more to come.
PamPlanter Design Lead
SherriNursery Sale + Customer Service
More coming soon! 🙂
BrookeNursery Sales + Customer Service
More coming soon! 🙂
MaddyNursery Sale + Customer Service
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NancyNursery Sale + Customer Service
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BethanyGift Shop Sales and Customer Service
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LarkinGift Shop Sales and Customer Service
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AnnaGift Shop Sales and Customer Service
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ToriGift Shop Sales and Customer Service
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SusanGift Shop Sales and Customer Service
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ElleryGift Shop Sales & Customer Service
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ColeCustomer Service
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MarkCustomer Service
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IsaacCustomer Service
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TonyaWorkshop/Garden Class Organizer
Although my major in college was elementary education my interest lead me to gardening at a very young age. I use to mow lawns for 25 cents with a push mower, pick wild bachelor buttons, ride horses daily, and spend summers on my Aunt and Uncles farm working in the dirt. I Created Perennial Gardens,which was a garden and floral shop, in my backyard while raising our 6 children. My gardening emphasis has been herbs because I love to cook with fresh herbs and herbs promote healthy eating. I love the formality of an herb garden and especially love to weed the herb garden because of the scent of the garden. I received my Master Gardener many years ago and I’m still learning so many new things and new ways of gardening. We have a little urban farm on one half acre with chickens, Pygmy goats, bees and doves, dog and cat, and a horrible racoon that appears once in a while. Our little half acre has a guest cottage, studio, and greenhouse with a historical carriage house that is now used as spotting shed. I write a gardening column for a local small town paper “thoughts from the garden” it’s sometimes informative but mostly my thoughts about what goes on here in the garden.