August in the Garden!

Here’s a few tips and tricks for what to do this month in your garden!
1. MULCH FOR MOISTURE: Maintain at least a 2-inch thick layer of mulch around all garden plants to help conserve soil moisture. Best Mulch: Master Nursery’s Black Forest Compost. Not just for planting trees and shrubs! Great for adding moisture and nutrients to your landscape beds. Available in 1.5 cubic and 3 cubic ft. bags. Sold at Sun River Gardens and other Independent Garden Centers

2. WEEDS IN THE LAWN? Post Emergent Weed killers may applied to weeds that are up and growing! Find Post Emergents and other weed killers in our Plant Remedy Section at Sun River Gardens!

3. KNOW WHEN TO WATER: The very best time to water your lawn and landscape plants is early in the morning, before 10:00AM

4. SEEING BURNT LEAVES? Try to keep water off of foliage during the heat of the day. Water on leaves causes foliage burns from the sunlight and heat magnified through the water drops.

5. WHAT’S BLOOMING NOW? Hydrangeas, Rudbeckia, Gaillardia, Coreopsis, Coneflowers, Yarrow, Joe Pye Weed, Shasta Daisies, Pincushion Flower and more!

6. KEEP ON FERTILIZING: All of your veggies and summer annuals to get the most out of your plants!

7. DEADHEAD, DEADHEAD, DEADHEAD: Any spent blooms on your annuals. This will help increase bloom production!

8. GOT SLUGS? USE SLUGGO! An organic solution that is safe to use around kids and pets! Find it in Sun River Gardens Plant Remedy Section!

9. PREPARING YOUR LAWN FOR FALL SEEDING? Fall is the best time to start a new lawn or reseed your existing one, and prepping the lawn early is important. First step is to get rid of all existing weeds prior to preparing the lawn. Weeds take time to die, and there are required wait times after applying weed killers before seed can be applied to treated areas. So, if you want to see your lawn in September, the time to start getting rid of existing weeds is now!

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