Care-Tips For Our Potted Euonymus Topiary

Did you attend our Holiday Shop Open House Event this year?! If so, you may have received one of these sweetly potted and very easy-care Euonymus topiary plants!

That night, we received lots of questions on the basic care for these plants and thought we should share some quick tips…So here you go!

1. Do not LOVE your plant too much when watering! Let your little guy dry out between waterings maybe about a day or so. We would recommend watering every 3-4 days. Your pot should have a drainage hole in the bottom, so when you water, just set the plant in the sink, give it a good soak and let it drain for about 30-40 min. in the sink.

2. Light. This plant would really like to be either in a window sill or in a room that has nice natural light. No basements with no windows please … 🙂

3. Fertilize. Just every couple of months with an organic water soluble houseplant fertilizer. Not sure what to buy? Come in and we can show you which one is best.

4. Prune, if you would like it to keep its shape. Pruning can be done anytime you feel necessary.

5. Re-pot over time if plant starts to outgrow its container. It’s currently in a 4″ pot, replant to a 6″ in the future.

6. Keep away from a heating element. As the weather cools and we start to turn up the heat, check and make sure that all of your plants are away from a area that blows out lots of heat. This causes the plant to dry out much more quickly and can also cause the foliage to dry up and turn brown.

And there you have it!
If any further questions come up, just give us a call and we’d be happy to help!
Happy Growing!

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