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Explore Your Inner Gourmet at Sun River Gardens!

We take great care in sourcing the highest quality varieties of specialty food items and condiments available in the marketplace, many in which are local to the state of Utah.
Come explore an enticing selection of handcrafted products including exotic olive oils, barrel aged balsamic vinegars, gourmet jams, honeys, mustards, pastas, sea salts, and condiments . Sun River’s artisanal gourmet grocery items are the ideal complement to any food lover’s pantry.

Kitchen Accessories + Tools

Nothing quite spices up the joys of cooking or baking more than fun kitchen accessories and tools. We have a distinctive collection of cookware, utensils, aprons, oven mitts and soaps. Bonus: with the holidays approaching, these are also the perfect kitchen gifts for friends and family. You can match whatever the interior design is – from modern to vintage. There are also plenty of options if you’re going for something a bit more whimsical. Play around and begin to piece together your dream kitchen!

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