Hellebore’s: A Must Have In Any Shade Garden!

Hellebores, also known as the Lenton Roses, are very engaging perennials that no garden should be without!

They are easy-to-grow, deer resistant, and early flowering. What could be better, right? These shade loving perennials, show off their lovely blooms in late winter and early spring. The shades range from a beautiful deep purplish pink all the way to a unique rosy lime shade.

how to plant

Plant in spring or fall. Choose a shady to partly shady site with moist, well-drained soil, and amend with a good organic compost, such as our customer favorite Master Nursery Bumper Crop. Set plants at same depth they grew in their nursery pots. Water after planting, and mulch around the plant to preserve moisture.

water and fertilize:

Monitor soil moisture all during the growing season, and starting in early spring and going through the summer months, feed with a good all-purpose organic fertilizer. Try Dr. Earth #7 All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer or Dr. Earth Organic All-Purpose Liquid Concentrate.

general maintenance:

Remove winter-damaged foliage in early spring. Deadhead spent flowers after bloom.

fun garden fact:

Hellebore’s will re-seed on their own. The young seedlings may be transplanted to other areas of your yard and will bloom in the third year.

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