In Your Yard: 5 Fall To-Do’s

5 Great Reasons To Get In Your Yard Now!


1. Fertilize. Keep your lawn green and healthy all winter long with Master Nursery’s Fall and Winter Feed! Shrubs and trees will also benefit from a good fall feeding. For them, use Dr. Earth brand fertilizers or Formula 49. By taking the time to fertilize in the fall, it will help to strengthen your plants’ and lawn’s roots, by giving them a strong base on which to thrive next spring.

2. Mulch. Mulch is really important for 2 reasons. #1. It helps keep temperatures more constant. Meaning, that it will help allow the ground to stay frozen or stay thawed. When soils are constantly fluctuating in temperature, this can cause damage to the plant. In turn, this will eventually cause the plant to perform poorly or even perish over time. Many of us saw this happen last winter. Our temperatures fluctuated quite a bit throughout the season and in turn many of us lost some of our well established trees, shrubs, and perennials.

  1. Mulch also helps the soil to retain water. This is just as important in the winter months as it is in the summer months. In the snowy winter months of November through March our soil tends to dry out due to the cold harsh winds and snow that we see here in Utah. Before the cold season arrives, put down a 2-3” layer of mulch over your garden beds, and make sure to give your trees and plants plenty of water before the soil freezes by continuing to water up until the winter season begins.
    Our #1, proven favorite mulch is Master Nursery’s Black Forest Compost.

3. Apply Iron. Any trees, shrubs, and lawns that are appearing light green or even yellow will benefit from a good application of iron. Apply a good application of Monteray brand ‘Dr. Iron’ now, and then repeat this again in one of the early spring months, such as March.

4. Plant Spring Bulbs. While you’re out prepping your beds for winter, you might also want to think about getting your spring bulbs in the ground before the winter freeze! Don’t forget to first prep your soil really well with a good mulch, such as MN Black Forest Compost, and then to fertilize with a good bulb fertilizer. We like Dr. Earth’s #1 Premium Organic Bulb Food or #2 Starter Fertilizer. By doing both of these things, you’re going to help with the longevity of your bulbs and encourage bigger and more vibrant blooms. If you’re thinking about planting your bulbs in pots, you’ll want to make sure that during the winter months you are protecting them from freezing by placing the pots up against the house in a well-protected area, or even bringing them inside. If they are outside and snow falls on the pots, try to make sure to brush the snow off of them from time to time, and that on a clear sunny day, you are giving them some water. Not doing so means that you’ll
risk drying the bulbs out.

5. Add Color with Pansies. Liven it up around your yard for fall, winter, and spring with pansies! Make sure when planting to add a good starter or all-purpose fertilizer such as Dr. Earth’s #7 All-Purpose Fertilizer and to mulch really well with MN Black Forest Compost.

Happy Fall!


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