March In The Garden

Here’s a few tips and tricks for what you can do outside this month!

Refresh Containers. Plant cabbage, kale, pansies, ranunculus, primrose, and other spring blooming annuals for nonstop blooms until warmer weather arrives!

Pick a nice sunny day to clean-up beds, removing fallen winter leaves and other debris

Transplant Shrubs. Move any crowded roses or other dormant shrubs before new leaves start to develop

Care for Bulbs. To encourage bulbs to come back next year, water and fertilize them while they are in leaf and flower. Pull off foliage only after it turns brown.

Sow Seeds Outdoors. Plant cool season veggies in the ground such as beets, carrots, radishes, mesclun, chard and more!

Dust Your Houseplants. Smooth-leaved houseplants would really benefit from a wipe down with a leaf shine product or plain old soap and water.

Prune Roses. Thin the bush about a month before the last predicted frost. Remove dead, old, or weak canes.

Spray Fruit Trees. Spray your fruit trees now (while they are dormant) to protect them from pests!

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