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Our Nursery

At Sun River Gardens, we strive to carry only the best + healthiest nursery stock.  We carry all the main-stream varieties of plants along with many hard-to-find, specialty varieties, all hardy for Utah.  Due to our ever-changing supply of stock, we are unable to supply a list of inventory online.

Please call us or stop on in for pricing and availability!

Trees + Shrubs

It is hard to imagine a yard without trees and shrubs. From evergreen and deciduous, low-growing to flowering we carry many different sizes, shapes and forms of each. Trees and shrubs are an essential feature in any landscape. Let us help you find what’s right for you.


The workhorses of the garden, perennials provide the greatest opportunity for adding diverse colors, shapes, and textures to the overall design of your yard.  With a well thought out plan, they can easily be added throughout your landscape to provide year-round color + texture. For example: late-winter blooming Hellebores, spring blooming Columbine, summer blooming Echinacea, and fall blooming Sedums, just to name a few.  Perennials come in many different forms and shapes.  There are low growing ground-covers, mounding or spreading perennials that only get 5-6″ tall but 1 foot wide, midsize varieties as well as taller growing.  With all the many different perennials available, come watch and be inspired with what comes into the nursery throughout all the changing seasons.


Or climbing plants, can be either woody-stemmed or herbaceous.  Some are annuals and need to be replanted every year, but many are perennial.  Vines will add vertical beauty to your landscape by gracing walls, trellises, or other structures.  We carry a large selection of Clematis, Honeysuckle, Wisteria and other climbing plants for you to choose from.