October is Pansy Month! Here’s 7 Tips For Overwintering Your Pansies

GARDEN HOW-TO: Overwintering Your Pansies
If planted in the ground in the fall, pansies can last up to 7-8 months, from Sept./Oct. through April/May, providing both fall & spring color. Here’s some quick tips to help with overwintering your pansies!

1. Plant As Early As Possible. The more established the plants are, the better they’ll be able to withstand the cold. Plant anytime from now until the end of October.

2. Choose Healthy Plants. Healthy plants establish more quickly, rapidly growing the root system which is so critical to winter hardiness. Also helpful to get them started off right, fertilizer! Use an orgainc, slow release such as Dr. Earth’s #2 Starter Fertilizer

3. Check the Soil Level. Plant your pansies in the bed in about the same level they were growing in the nursery packs. Don’t plant them too deep, with the soil covering the stem.

4. Ensure Good Drainage. Pansies are susceptible to saturated soil. Be sure they are growing in a well draining location. Mix in an organic soil amendment to your planting site before adding the pansies. Especially if you have dense clay like soil, or if your soil is too sandy. Neither are good for growing.

5. Mulch Mulch Mulch. We cannot stress this enough. Winter months can be very drying, and mulching helps as a protector to the roots of the plant by helping the soil retain moisture. After planting, surround your plants with a 2-4 inch layer of mulch. We like either Master Nursery’s Black Forest Compost or Straw

6. Water Plants Prior To A Hard Freeze. Or After. Especially for plants in containers, which can be much trickier to overwinter. Use a watering can or bucket to get water to the plants.

7. Deadhead. Remove old flowers and pinch off tall spindly foliage. This is not necessary in the winter when the pansies have gone into what looks like a dormant-type state.

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