September In The Garden

Here’s a few tips and tricks for what to do this month in your garden! 1. IN FULL BLOOM….Sedum! Try varieties such as ‘Autumn Fire’, ‘Class Act’, ‘Dazzleberry’ and ‘Purple Emperor’

2. APPLY MULCH! To insulate plant roots and conserve moisture, spread an organic such as MN Black Forest up to 3 inches thick on beds. Keep it from directly touching the trunks and crowns of plants.

3. FALL FEED with Formula 49! End of Sept. – Beginning of Oct plan on giving your trees and shrubs one last feed. Why Formula 49? It’s a slow releasing organic that isn’t going to promote lots of growth going into winter, which can be harmful to plants. Fertilizing now to strengthen plants roots and give them a strong base to thrive on next spring.

4. FOR A BLAZE OF FIRE in autumn plant “Amber Jubilee” Ninebark – A hardy shrub that reaches 5 feet tall x 4 feet wide.

5. SUMMER VEGGIES SPENT? Pull and toss them in the compost pile. Tip! Add any of the ProBiotic Dr. Earth Fertilizers to quicken the break down of compost.

6. BRIGHTEN YOUR CONTAINERS as temps drop and summer annuals fade. Choose from fall pansies, cabbage & kale, hebe’s, grasses, and more!

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