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Garden Rewards

What Are Your Rewards Valid On?

Pretty much everything! …From Annuals, Perennials, Trees, Shrubs, Furniture, Pottery, Garden + Home accent, Christmas Decor, Holiday Plants and more! (some exclusions apply, see below for further details)

Garden Reward Details

How Many Points Do I Have?

To find out how many reward points that you've earned for your purchases, check with us! Either drop us a line at 801-229-1975 and we can look it up using your telephone #, name or rewards number.  Or simply stop on by anytime and we can scan your Garden Rewards card.

Still Have Sun Dollars or Jingle Bucks?!

Yep, we know! Some of you still have our Sun Dollars or Jingle Bucks floating around waiting to be used...Bring them on in! They are valid for the same dates as our Garden Rewards and work the same way!

July 20th - August 20th

and again on

November 22nd - December 15th